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Source: Pete Linforth via Pixabay (COO)

I GOT INTO AN ARGUMENT once with a libertarian friend of mine about apologizing for historical atrocities. It started with a viral Facebook video of a teenage white kid performing slam poetry about apologizing for America’s sins of the past, namely slavery.

My friend was disgusted by it. When I inquired why, he very quickly and adamantly took the position that no one should apologize for something that they didn’t do. He didn’t own slaves. His ancestors, as far as he knew, didn’t own slaves. He was, as all good libertarians should be, adamantly against the institution of slavery and…

Source: John Hain, via Pixabay (COO)

PRESIDENT-ELECT JOE BIDEN has a problem. He’s won the presidency in a close election, separated by a small percentage margin of votes in many swing states, without a clear landslide and therefore no mandate. Democrats have a razor thin margin in the House and have likely failed to secure a majority in the Senate. With Republicans still in the majority next year, Mitch McConnell, using his patented Obama administration playbook, will stifle any Democratic initiatives for at least the next two years. We can forget reversing Trump’s Tax cuts or enacting a Green New Deal. Further, he’ll likely hinder Biden’s…

Source: Free Photos, via pixabay (CCO)

IN THE AGE OF TRUMP, and in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic distress, and deteriorating race relations, the collective mood of the United States could best be characterized as mixture of mistrust, anxiety, powerlessness, fear, alienation, frustration, grievance, anger, and spite. Each likely feeding the other. It feels as if things are just falling apart . . . and the other side is to blame. While this ominous disposition may only nest itself on the periphery of our lives as we move throughout our day, it pervades our thinking and our beliefs in very subtle but powerful ways…


In search of the Good Life.

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